Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dropped some poundage!

Yesterday, I binged. I totally gorged myself on free desserts and champagne in the Dusit Hotel, Bangkok. Purely because they were free, and I felt like I'd been deprived of these things!

Today, I woke up expecting to see a huge, fat belly greet me in the mirror. But it didn't. Instead I thought that I looked quite slim. I don't usually feel this way, especially after a day of indulgence.

So, I tentatively put on my trousers that have been a little too tight to be comfortable or appropriate to wear out in public (it was a case of the camel toe) until now. But now, they look good.

I feel amazing! I feel like I have rediscovered the secret to weight loss, and it's easy. I felt like this in Dubai, too when I lost weight the first time. It's such an easy code to crack, but it takes me ages sometimes.

So, the mango and milk diet is here to stay!

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